A Journey Through World War II In Images And Words


Christopher E. Mauriello and Roland J. Regan, Jr.
Purdue University Press

Private Roland J. Regan Sr. left 1943 and Private Frederick J. Mauriello, right 1944

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"From Boston To Berlin™"

When Roland Regan and Frederick Mauriello went off to fight the Germans in World War II, they packed cameras and notepaper. And they documented their experiences. Roland with photos, Frederick with letters to his family. Roland's photos, developed after the war, never went through Army censorship and show an honest firsthand view of the war from the eyes of an enlisted man. Frederick's letters show a young man's devotion to his family, his good-will, and his growing distrust of military authority. As a whole, this collection is a testimony to the courage, faith, and loyalty of all the men who served during World War II.

These priceless documents, presented by their sons in this book, offer readers an intimate glimpse at a unique aspect of the American Experience.

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Commander Lt. Col. Erik Zetterstrom and Command Sergeant Major Keith Whitcomb

Commander Lt. Col. Erik Zetterstrom and Command Sergeant Major Keith Whitcomb, U. S. Army HQ, 40th Engineering Battalion, 70th Infantry Brigade, Baumholder Germany, posing with "From Boston to Berlin" in front of their HQ sign

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"From Boston to Berlin: A Journey Through World War II in Images and Words" from the Purdue University Press was published in October, 2001 and can be purchased four ways:

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Multinational WWII Galleries
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